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*CREATING THE LIFE YOU REALLY WANT TO HAVE* Support Group for Men and Women starts October 8th

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You create your life by knowing what you want, knowing what is real now, and letting the Path of Least Resistance follow it’s natural course.

“The Secret” and Esther Hicks teachings and book “Ask and it is Given,” helped you discover what you really want and desire in life and how to change your thinking to deliberately manifest it into being. By understanding and using 1. The Universal Law of Attraction-(you get what ever you are thinking and believing); 2. Your Vibrational Emotional set point – (what you are emotionally vibrating about what you are thinking and believing); 3. Creative Visualizations Techniques (imagine the new experience you want is already happening); you learned to create the life you desire. These were all helpful in letting you know you have the power to create your life and in fact that is what you are doing all the time.

Now we will go beyond this to discover the natural structure underneath these laws, the natural pull between what we have now and what we really want to have in our life and how to create a new structure that supports us in what we want. We will learn the questions to ask to discover what we really want and what to focus on in order to create them in our life. This is the natural law of the path of least resistance and it is operating naturally in our life at all times. This group will help you understand and use this law to help you create the life you want.

WEEK 1- Knowing What You Want
WEEK 2- What Is Reality Now
WEEK 3- The Path of Least Resistance
WEEK 4- Inner Vision Seeing What Isn’t There Yet
WEEK 5- Fundamental Choice As A Foundation
WEEK 6- Creating What Matters

Study Groups meet Thursday evening 7 to 9 pm for 6 weeks. Cost is $35 dollars per week. Group meets at my studio in North Portland.

To register or ask questions email
Or Call 503 734-6516
To know more about me and what I do please visit my website



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– Support Group

Discovering your Shadow allows you to find the wholeness you do not allow yourself to have. Knowing your Shadow helps you to access and integrate hidden strengths and gifts you carry hidden inside. Have no doubt these Shadows are completely hidden and the only way you discover them is by being upset with or admiring others. Working with your Shadow helps you find the meaning in the disturbances in your life and then transform them in to knowing yourself and having more compassion for yourself and others.

Based on the work of Ken Wilber’s Integral 3-2-1 process and Debbie Ford’s book “The Dark Side of The Light Chasers,” we will study how our Shadow helps us become who we are and holds the gifts to transform our lives. Each week in this small group setting we will have the opportunity to explore what is disturbing us and discover the gift these disturbances hold for living our life. This is a safe, open, non-judgmental space to experience together this process.

The Shadow is a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung to explain the parts of us that we keep hidden from ourselves. These are the parts that we determined were not acceptable and so we buried them deep in our subconscious so we could be the opposite, the person we think is acceptable and good and we are proud to be. This can lock up our soul and keep us from living to our full potential.

Discovering your shadows and the gifts they have for you is probably the most freeing experience you can have. Imagine trying to hold a beach ball under water, how much energy that takes and when it gets loose it pops up and hits you in the face. This is how your Shadow works, it is always there trying to give you the balance your life needs and pops up to hit you until you finely get the message your life needs.

This study group helps you discover the beauty and gifts in your Shadow and to accept and welcome them into your life. This is about finding peace and freeing energy you have been wasting holding yourself down. It is not that you will become the terrible shadow you are hiding but that by knowing and accepting it is a part of you, you will be more accepting and compassionate with yourself and all the people in your life.

Group meets weekly, Wednesday evenings 7 to 9 pm or afternoons 1 to 3, for 6 weeks. Cost is $35 dollars per week, can be paid weekly or at beginning of group. Group meets at my studio in North Portland. Please check my blog for current schedule.

To register or ask questions email
Or Call 503 734-6516

PSYCH-K® Discovering and Changing Old Beliefs

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Psych-K is a powerful process that works directly on beliefs to change the way we think and feel. By changing our beliefs at their deepest level we are able to change our life from the inside out. When this happens outer events also change to reflect the inner change that have occurred. So if you are ready to make a change Psych-K is a powerful tool for you to use.

We all have old beliefs we downloaded long ago. Some of these beliefs we are aware of and some we are not. It is the hidden ones that often stop us from creating the incredible life we really want to have. Even though we are completely unaware of them they still run our lives. Psych-K is an excellent way to expose these hidden beliefs and change them on the spot. Psych-K engages all three levels of body, mind and spirit as you test for the belief, do the Psych-K adjustment and then retest to see if the change is made.

If you are struggling with something and want to make a change call for a Psych-K session and we can work together to uncover and shift old beliefs getting in your way. I am a certified Psych-K Practitioner living in Portland, Oregon. I was trained by Joan Cameron and look forward to meeting you and helping you on your path. Call to set up an appointment and we can discuss the change you want to make. My phone is 503-734-6516.

Carolyn Winkler

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