Gallery of My Shamanic Intuitive Process Paintings

Often while teaching my workshops I get to paint along with the students. These are some paintings I did during class. I am always amazed at the shamanic images that come and the power they have. These paintings come from the unknown with out a plan or a purpose. They come from playing with the paint and seeing what wants to emerge. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy painting them. They are what connects me to my creative spirit world.









Energy Spirits

















2 Responses to “Gallery of My Shamanic Intuitive Process Paintings”

  1. Oh these are so wonderful Carolyn 🙂 I love their colourful vibrancy, energy and the way they have a life of their own!

    I am looking forward to seeing and enjoy more 🙂

    They remind me of a process which I was very interested and curious about some years ago (but which never got around to participating in, mainly because it was only on the other side of the world! 😉 called “Painting From The Source” by Aviva Gold.

    But perhaps I still will one day! 🙂

    I also love to create intuitively and especially using the SoulCollage Process which I discovered several years ago… I can’t imagine my life without creating from this place 😉

    Bright blessings to you,
    Lorraine (Raine) xox

    • Thanks Lorraine, I love doing them. I took Aviva’s workshop 8 years ago and use her and Michelle Casso’s philosophy in my workshop with a lot of my own self-discovery processes thrown in. It really is a life changing experience for anyone that attends. I am planning to come to Australia very soon and maybe I will look you up. Glad we have connected. I love your work too.

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