Discovering The Gifts of Your Shadow – Private Sessions


Transform What is Bothering You The Most  Into Your Greatest Gift

The importance of working with your Shadows is based on the work of Carl Jung, Debbie Ford and Ken Wilber. The Shadow holds the key to discover what it is you are not allowing and how that is unconsciously sabotaging your life. Once you find its gift you are no longer bothered by it and can enjoy your life again.

The Shadow described by Carl Jung are the parts of us that we disowned and keep hidden even from ourselves. These are the parts we buried deep in our unconscious and were not allowed to have as we were growing up and becoming the acceptable good people we wanted to be. The ones that others will love. These include not only what we dislike about others and don’t want but also what we admire in others and don’t allow ourselves to be.

These parts we wanted hidden did not go away they just became repressed and even stronger effecting us in many unconscious ways. As you learn to respect and love your Shadows and accept and welcome the gifts they have you become stronger, calmer and more whole. Your life becomes more energized because you free all the energy you used to use to hold them down and now can use in other more useful ways.

In a Discovering the Gifts of Your Shadow Session I guide you through the process to discover the dark and light shadows and find the gifts they hold. We take what ever is bothering you and transform it into exactly what you need.

You can contact me to set up a appointment from the two options below.  Sessions are usually 60 to 90 min. and cost $90.  You can book a session by calling 503-734-6516 or emailing

About Private Office sessions:   Call me at 503 734 6516 or email me at to set up an appointment.  A one on one session  lasts approximately 1 hour.  Sessions are available from 9 am  to 3 pm, Pacific Time.  Cost of a session is $90 (U.S. dollars) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment only. 

About Phone/Skype sessions:  A session is one hour long, and is over the phone.  Email me at to arrange a convenient time for an appointment and I will send you an invoice through Paypal.  Once you’ve made your payment I will send you a confirmation, along with the number to call and other details and we will connect at that time.  Appointments are available from 9 am to 3 pm, Pacific Time. Cost of session is $90 (U.S. dollars).

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