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*BEFRIENDING YOUR SHADOW* New Weekly Study Group – Starts Thursday Feb 11 – Mar 12, 2010

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This is a study group for you to befriend your shadows by taking whatever person or situation is bothering or disgusting you the most and turning it into the gift you need.

Once you understand what that is, and how you can benefit from it, it transforms and you are no longer bothered or disturbed and can now use it in your life. You can never have complete peace until you learn to do this.

Based on the work of Debbie Ford and her book “The Dark Side of The Light Chasers,” we will study how our Shadow helps us become who we are and holds the gifts to empower our lives. Discovering your shadows and its gifts is probably the most freeing experience you can have. As Debbie Ford describes it, “Imagine trying to hold a beach ball under water, how much energy that takes and when it gets loose it pops up and hits you in the face.” This is how your Shadow works, it is always there trying to give you the balance your life needs and pops up to hit you until you finely get the message your life needs.

Group meets weekly, Thursday evenings 7 to 9 pm or afternoons 1 to 3, for 6 weeks. Cost is $35 dollars per week, can be paid weekly or at beginning of group. Group meets at my studio in North Portland. Group is limited to 8 people.

Please check my website for more information. To register please email me and be sure to include the afternoon or evening time you prefer.



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New Visual Journaling Support Group for Women for Accessing and Transforming Feelings and Emotions. This is a six week commitment of using Visual Journaling to Access, Release and Transform emotions. Images Express what words cannot. By setting a clear intention, centering in body awareness, using guided visualization and then drawing the images that come, you are able to understand and make changes on all three levels, body, mind and cellular. Our feelings communicate what we need. By accessing this inner wisdom you reduce stress, release anger, resolve conflicts, get in touch with emotions and give voice to your soul. The body always knows and guides you to the place you need to go. Each week you will learn something new.

Week 1- Access and Express Your Emotions

Week 2- Access, Release and transform your Stress-producing emotions.

Week 3- Let your images speak.

Week 4- Overcoming your fears.

Week 5-Resolving your inner conflicts.

Week 6-Visual Journaling as a lifelong practice.

Anyone can do this. You don’t need to know anything about using art materials or how to draw. You just need the desire and courage to explore, and open up the dialogue between your inner and outer worlds. Unlike regular journaling that uses language and the left brain, this is a direct right brain connection to your spirit world.

Group meets weekly on Thursday evenings form 7 to 9, limited size 5 to 10 women. We will start as soon as we have 5. Cost is $35 each weekly session for a total of $210. You will need a few inexpensive supplies. To know more about me and what I do please visit my website or my blog To register for a group or workshop or ask questions email me at


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This is my NEW E-BOOK explaining 6 Mask Making Techniques I developed to help us let go, let come and find our inner knowing selves. All the Masks are simple and powerful and take from 5 minutes to an hour and a half to do.  The e-book will be available on the internet for $20 and takes you through the processes step by step.  It will be available after it is patented, so if you are interested in receiving a copy please contact me and I will put you on the notify list.  Thanks for your interest.



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