AFFIRMATIVE INNERGETICS® – Take the Power of Clean Questions, the Results of Psych-K® and the Energetics of Affirmations to Crate Beliefs That Transform Your Life

Imagine resolving your problem in one or two sessions and knowing right then and there it has worked.

Imagine finding out what you would like to have happen and creating the solution that does just that.

Imagine feeling positive, relieved and hopeful in just one session.

This is Affirmative Innergetics and why it works so well.

We suffer greatly when conflicts and challenges come our way. Often they come from people we know,  situations we are stuck in or  goals we struggle to reach. These painful situations can teach us valuable lessons when we finely resolve them and that empowers our lives.  Affirmative Innergetics does this the best.

If you are like most people you’ve already tried lots of ways to change and so far nothings quite worked. You still have the problem and no idea where to turn.  One of my clients, a therapist that has worked with many processes in her long career after doing on session said “This is by far the best process I have ever done.”  Sharlene Hays, Sacramento Calif.

Affirmative Innergetics has worked for many others and it will work for you. A single session usually lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  I  do private sessions over the internet with Skype or in person in my office in Portland, OR, USA.

Start Solving Problems and Finding Solutions Today
Affirmative Innergetics Works.

To Schedule a Session – Email me and we can decide on a time.
Cost for a session is $90 and lasts for 30 to 90 minutes.  My contact info is below.
Carolyn Winkler
503 734-6516

Here are a couple of posts from a former clients blog talking about our sessions and how they helped her. I had not developed the term Affirmative Innergetics yet so she still calls them Psych-K®. She is the main reason I knew this method was so powerful.

Testimonial from Havi Brooks Blog: The Fluent Self.

Surprise #7: Where’s all this time coming from?

This is the best part of the whole thing. By a lot.
But I have to tell you a tiny little story. I go to this wonderful woman Carolyn Winkler for PSYCH-K every couple of weeks.

It’s this wacky technique that uses muscle testing and wordishness to work on stuckified and limiting beliefs. I totally don’t get it but I love the hell out of it.

The first time I ever did PSYCH-K® it was to work on my belief that I have to be invisible and no one is allowed to see me because it’s not safe for me to be seen. The next week I found out I was being quoted in Woman’s Day.
Love. It.

Anyway, a week before the Email Sabbatical, I did a session with Carolyn about time and — more specifically — me having it.

I told her I wanted two and a half hours in the afternoon to do whatever I want, but that I didn’t believe that would ever even be a remote possibility.
She did her stuff. I promptly forgot about it. Then I went on email sabbatical and a week later I was telling a friend how it’s so cool having all this time all of a sudden.
That giving up email had opened up two and a half hours in my day and now I get to go for a walk in the afternoon or study or sit at a cafe.

Then last week I was flipping through my journal and discovered the PSYCH-K® session that I’d completely forgotten about. Two and a half hours. Every day. It’s incredible.

Wacky Healing Wonderfulness.
Carolyn Winkler for PSYCH-K® and other useful techniques for destuckifying limiting beliefs — amazing work!

Seriously, Carolyn is how I make all my money. I meet with her a few times a month and it rocks my world. Though she also does by phone. Location: North Portland Phone: 503 734-6516

How Affirmative Innergetics Helped Me and I discovered it’s power.

I had a crisis situation myself and thought how am I going to get through this. I was going to spend a whole week with someone I didn’t get along with at all and wondered what can I do? What came to me was to try what I had been doing with my client on myself. I did one session, it only took 40 minutes, and wow I couldn’t believe the change. The week I was dreading and didn’t know if I would be able to get through with this person, went great. We spent the entire week together 24/7 and enjoyed the whole time.  Not only that, we still get along great to this day and it has been 7 1/2 years. That one session completely changed my inner-dynamic and our relationship at deep levels that last.

So after seeing what the sessions have done for my clients and for me and how powerful they are in such a short time, I knew I had to get Affirmative Innergetics out into the world so more people could have the same results.

Feel free to call me and discuss what Affirmative Innergetics can do and if it could help you with your problem.

Call or Email Me to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to working with you.
Carolyn Winkler
503 734-6516






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