Announcing New 6 Week Study Group “FINDING THE GIFTS IN YOUR SHADOW” Group Starts Thursday Evenings, March 16, 2017 continuining through April 20, 2017.

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This is a 6 week study group and each week we learn a new way to discover and integrate our shadows. This will be one of the most powerful self help 6 weeks you could ever do. I like to think of our Shadows as our best friends we buried deep in the basement under the cement floor of our psyche. Most importantly they are exactly what we need in our life today to help us be stronger and truer to our authentic selves. Once you discover them and integrate them back into your life you are stronger, better able to cope and more whole.

If you have taken my Intuitive Painting Workshop we always do a little shadow work and everyone always loves it. Often my students ask if they are taking my workshop for the second or third time “are we going to do that turn around thing again, I really liked that?” And yes, we always do. It is so powerful in such a simple way. You will be learning this technique and 5 others to free up the energy and regain the use of your shadow parts to create a better life.  One of my former PhD students said “This wasn’t scary at all.”  I think he like a lot of people think the Shadow is bad and scary.  It is not that you will become your Shadow but will be able to use it when you need to.  Usually when you need to stand up for or want to be true to yourself.

The importance of working with your Shadows is based on the work of Carl Jung, Debbie Ford and Ken Wilber. The Shadow holds the key to discover what it is you are not allowing and how that is unconsciously sabotaging your life.   The Shadow described by Carl Jung are the parts of us that we disowned and keep hidden even from ourselves. These are the parts we buried deep in our unconscious and were not allowed to have as we were growing up and becoming the acceptable good people we wanted to be. The ones that others will love. These include not only the Dark Shadow. what we dislike about others and don’t want but also the Light Shadow, what we admire in others and don’t allow ourselves to be.

These parts we wanted hidden did not go away they just became repressed and even stronger effecting us in many unconscious ways. As you learn to respect and love your Shadows and accept and welcome the gifts they have you become stronger, calmer and more whole. Your life becomes more energized because you free all the energy you used to hold them down and now can use in other more useful ways.

To sign up for this Study Group please email me at and I will add you to the list.  The cost for the 6 weeks is $35 per week, payable at each class. Or you can pay through Paypal the entire amount $210. The class is limited to 8 participants and is held at my Studio in North Portland.  Look forward to having you discover these valuable parts of yourself and feeling the results.

Each week everyone will process one aspect of their shadow. 


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