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Announcing my Next Intuitive Painting Weekend “UNLOCKING YOUR CREATIVE DOORS” coming up September 19 – 20, at my studio in North Portland. Mark your calendars and let me know.

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Let me know if you are ready to paint, and want to take part in this trans-formative weekend of finding those deep creative parts of your self burred long ago. Can’t wait to see what wants to come.


When I was traveling in Paris and Stockholm this summer I went to all the big Museums and the one thing I learned is that I love my students and my Intuitive Paintings much more than all the greatest art they have. I did love Matisse, Monet, some of Picasso’s, and most of the contemporary art at the Pompidou Center. But most of the art didn’t have the deep heart and soul that my students paintings have or that come from this magical place inside that expresses who we are. This was a huge surprise. This is an important way to paint and one that anyone can do experienced or not. Everyone that has ever wanted to paint should take this workshop and get freer and more confident in their creative approach to art. I have been doing this now for over 10 years and have watched student after student find that deep place inside and unlock tallents they didn’t even know they had.

I can’t wait to share with my students my experiences and how much their art means to me. I predict that in the future there will be an acknowledgement of Intuitive Painting in the museums of the future. These are paintings that are not created to impress or sell or be anything other than the expression of the persons heart. The transformation of the person painting them.

Let me know if you want to join us in September.


Note these two changes when signing up. Costs have changed and you need to make a deposit of $50 to hold your space when you sign up. I’ve had too many people cancel at the last minute and kept someone out that couldn’t take it because the class was full. My classes are very small and limited to 8 students, so when you sign up you take one of the few spots, when you cancel it effects the whole group. So please send me a check or paypal payment to hold your space when you sign up. This deposit is non refundable. The cost for all students new and repeating is now $180. We are going to be painting on a different medium, one that will last, not curl and probably not tear when wet. It is going to be really fun. Looking forward to introducing this new form. You can also use the old style of paper if you wish.

The workshop runs Sept 19-20, Saturday and Sunday, all day from 10-5. The cost includes paints and all art materials, tea and some healthy snacks. Experienced painters and beginners all enjoy this process. It is not about better techniques of painting but more about painting from your authentic heart. All you do is show up, wear old clothes you can get paint on and bring a sack lunch, I will do the rest.

Look forward to hearing from you and painting together soon. Email me at to register and sign up.