Announcing New Fall Intuitive Painting Weekend “FREE THE PAINT AND LET GO” October 4-5, 2014, at my studio in North Portland. This will be the last Workshop for 2014 so save the date and let me know if you want to join us.


This was a big travel year for me, Hawaii and Japan in Spring and Barcelona this Summer. I’m finely back and I learned a lot I want to share with you. Hawaii taught me to connect with the loha (spirit) of the brushes and paint. Japan taught me to breath and appreciate the beauty of nature and the art “WE” create. Barcelona taught me how important “FREEDOM” is to creativity and without it how we hold back. The focus of this Octobers Intuitive Painting Weekend is “FREEDOM and LETTING GO.” To let the images and messages freely come and possibly change our life. All we need to do is get out of the way and let the paint flow.

“FREEDOM” is our call and our call will be answered.

So if you feel like painting as much as I do join me and a small band of painters. Leaving all our cares behind, being in the moment and sharing our hearts. If this appeals to you just let me know and I’ll add you to the list. Can’t wait to paint with you.

The cost is $180 for the 2 days of painting if it’s your first time and $120 if you have taken it before and want to repeat. The workshop runs October 4-5, Saturday and Sunday, all day from 10-5. The cost includes all paints and art materials, tea and some healthy snacks.


This weekend is for everyone, no previous art experience required. You have everything you need. Experienced painters and beginners all enjoy this process. It is not about better techniques of painting but more bout painting from your heart All you do is show up, wear old clothes you can get paint on and bring a sack lunch, I will do the rest.

Workshop is Limited to 8 students so if you want to come, save the date and let me know right away so i can save your spot.
Looking forward to painting with you and seeing what wants to come. Feel free to contact me thru email if you have any questions.

See you in a few weeks. Carolyn



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