Announcing Summer Shadow Support Group *USING THE GIFTS OF OUR SHADOW* Starting Thursday July 25 thru August 29th, 7 to 9 pm, Sigh up Now

Progression 6

Join me for this life changing 6 weeks Support Group.  This is some of the most powerful work you will ever do.  Based on my training with Debbie Ford and my experience developing Affirmative Innergetics I gift to you the techniques of integrating your Shadow and how that frees up a lot of energy not available to you now.  We will dive deep in to the basement and bring up exactly what you need.  I promise this support group will change your life.  Come and learn to explore the following and integrate the strengths you discover back into your life. Here’s what we will cover each week.

Learn what exactly is the Shadow and How Does it Work?
How do you find your Shadows gift and how this helps you?
What is my Story and how does it trap me?
What would you need to be wrong about to have what you want in life?
Who do I blame for the conditions in my life?
How many years have I been using these excuses?

Class is held 6 Thursday evenings starting July 25th ending August 29th, from 7 to 9, at my studio in North Portland. Cost is $30 each meeting for a total of $180, paid at time you sign up.  Group is limited to 9 so we have plenty of time to work on personal issues.

One of the most important things you will ever do is work with your Shadows. This often misunderstood part of us is a huge key to our happiness but is seldom addressed. It is key to knowing how to handle upsets when they come along.

So bring what ever is bothering you it can be turned around to be come one of your greatest strengths. Whether it is a person that drives you crazy and you can’t stand, some awful situation that keeps happening no matter how much you try to avoid it or something that you always wanted but never seem to get. These are the problems we will work on each week.

I promise you will uncover the gifts these Shadow parts hold for you and integrate them back into your life. It is not that you will become this Shadow  you have hidden away but will be free to use it’s strengths.

To register or ask questions please email me at or call 503 734-6516. I will add you to the list and let you know the rest of the materials you will need to bring. Look forward to doing this wonderful work with you and teaching you these techniques.


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