Announcing Spring “INVOKING THE SPIRITS WITHIN – INTUITIVE PAINTING WEEKEND” May 18th-19th at my studio in North Portland.


This weekend we will take blank sheets of paper and thru them discover the deep personal mythologies we hold inside. In the fun of being creative, letting go, letting come you will discover deeper parts of yourself you didn’t know. It is an inward hero’s journey, taking you to wonderful places and like any transformational experience, gives you a new stronger sense of who you are. Sometimes it is very subtle, sometimes really extraordinary, one thing I can guarantee Your Life Will Change.  One of my former students said it best “my life was like a submarine and this opened up my hatch.”  We could all use some hatch opening I suspect and what more gentle, fun, easy way to do just that.

It is really powerful to do this as a group and see everyone’s paintings and watch them change over the weekend.  It is probably why so many students take it several times.  We learn so much from each other as we paint together and share our experience.  It is a way to recharge. There is no right or wrong way to do this and you need no previous art experience, you have all the skill you need. If you can hold a paintbrush the process with do the rest. We are all creative it just hasn’t been nurtured in our lives.  Intuitive Painting is perfect for that.

All you have to do is wear old clothes you can get paint on, bring a sac lunch and I will provide the rest.  If you are a professional artist I highly recommend a weekend like this to re-spark your art. This is about the spirit within you not better techniques of art.  If you are a writer what better way to explore your personal myths for future development.  Great stories come out of these paintings.  The important thing is to not think about that when your doing the process.  “First you paint, let the spirits come to you, then you relate.”

The workshop goes from 10 to 5 on Saturday and Sunday, All art materials I provided and the cost is really reasonable, $160 for both the days. I keep the classes small, limited to 8 students.  Let me know right away if you want to join.

So is it time to do something creative for yourself and join fellow travelers on this journey Invoking the Spirits Within?  We all have creative parts of us wanting to be let out and help us with our lives, let the process begin.  Remember when you were a child, no one had to teach you to paint, and when you painted you didn’t care what anyone else was painting or what they though. You just painted what you wanted, it is kinda like that. I love what someone said once “No one ever doesn’t like a child’s painting.”  This is true, because there is no ego involved it just pure expression.  Get ready for a weekend like that.

To register just email me or message me on Facebook and I will add you to the list.  If you have taken my workshop before you get a discount and can repeat the weekend for $100. Look forward to painting with you, holding the space and meeting your spirits within.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or call 503 734-6516.  Attached are two paintings from a previous workshop a few years ago.  Might be fun to make up a story about them and what myth might be going on.  They came from not knowing, not having a plan but as you can see they hold so much.  We are going to have fun.



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