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Announcing New 2013 February INTUITIVE PAINTING WORKSHOP “Developing Intuition In Your Art” Learn how using more intuition can imporve your Art and Life- Feb 23-24 at my Studio, Portland Or.

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As we go into the New Year of 2013 more and more of us are changing the way we do things.  What we need more of this coming year is intuition and how to utilize it in our art and life.  Whether that is painting, writing, dance or even therapy with clients.  Intuitive Painting can open up areas of your consciousness not available to your conscious mind.  This new way of knowing can help you figure out and solve lots of problems you haven’t been able to so far. This is about self discovery, the unknown and not having a plan.  Look for the surprises that come, they have the answers you seek.

Carl Jung and Malcolm Westcot the main researcher in Intuition of our day gave this description of a person that is Intuitive. 11 reasons to develop more intuition in your life and take my workshop.
Intuitive people tend to be:
1. unconventional and comfortable in their unconvention
2. confident
3. self-sufficient
4. emotionally involved in abstract issues, either in intellectual, academic terms or in human values.
5. willing to explore uncertainties and entertain doubts, and able to do so without fear.
6. able to reject or accept criticism as necessary
7. willing to change in ways they deemed appropriate
8. resistant to outside control and direction
9. independent
10. foresighted
11. spontaneous

Join me and a small group of painters for a wonderful weekend of self discovery, inner growth and greater creativity through paint.   The cost is $160 for the 2 days of painting, Saturday and Sunday 10-5.  All paints, materials and inspiration are provided.  All you have to do is wear old clothes you can get paint on and come hold a paint brush and let the paint show you how to access the deep well of your intuition.   Limited to 8 students so save the date and let me know right away so i can put you on the list.

* All repeating students cost is discounted to $100.

To register and ask questions just email me or call me at 503 734-6516 .    Look forward to painting with you in this new year.