Announcing New Spring INTUITIVE PAINTING Workshop “HONORING THE RAVEN WITHIN YOU”- May 26-27, 2012 at my studio Spirit Mask Journeys North Portland, Oregon.

My new Intuitive Painting Weekend focuses on the Trans-formative Powers of the Raven to help you be more creative and self expressive in your life.  According to Zuni legends Ravens have a magic and special ability to transform and heal.  They offer guidance for deep understanding of our non material realms were all creativity and healing begins. One of the most important things you can ever do is be creative, express yourself and bring it to the world.   Join me in this Magical Weekend as we play with paint, honor the spirit of Raven and explore our deepest selves.

I chose to honor the spirit of Raven because of personal experiences I have had.  The most powerful being when a Raven actually landed on my shoulder while I was walking in the forest with one of my Medicine Wheel Sisters last summer.   This year on my travels to Tucson I bought 3 Zuni Fetishes, 2 Ravens and 1 Six Direction Bear from a distinguished Zuni carver at the Native American Art Festival.  It was because of these fetishes and wanting to learn more about them in Zuni Mythology that I discovered the direct connection to their powers and the power of Intuitive Painting to guide you to the creative realm.  I look forward to exploring with you what Raven wants you to know.

There is room for 8 students in this class so register early.  No previous art experience needed, if you can hold a paint brush you can do this.  If you are an experienced artist this can help you learn a new way to paint or breakout of any any artistic ruts. The cost is $160 for the 2 days of painting, Saturday and Sunday 10-5, and all paints, matierals and inspiration are provided.  All you have to do is wear old clothes you can get paint on and come and let go.  All repeating students and the cost is discounted $100.  To register or ask questions just email me .    Look forward to painting with you.


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