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Announcing New Year “MYTHIC INTUITIVE POWER PAINTING WEEKEND” January 28th-29th, 2012″ – This is a Mythic Hero’s Journey using paint to discover the deep personal mythologies operating in your life.

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Painting from one of the students at the last workshop.

As the mad rush of the Hollidaze begin and we transition into 2012 I wanted you to know about the New Year Intuitive Painting Weekend happening January 28-29th. As the year begins this is an opportunity to take this powerful time of year to go inside and discover what’s important for you right now in your life. This is an empowering experience to play with paint and let go and let be and become stronger in your creative sense of self. I am posting this now encase you want to give it as a special gift either to yourself or someone special you know could use more creativity in their life. Some of you had mentioned you would like to give it as a gift and that is why I scheduled one for January. What a great gift for starting the new year off with a creative bang. You can sign up now and pay me at the time of the class. Look forward to painting with you. Details about workshop below.

Anyone can do this no previous art experience required. You already have everything you need.

The costs is $160 for the weekend and all the art materials are supplied. If you have taken the class before the cost to former students is always discounted to $100. The workshop runs all day Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5. All you need to do is wear old clothes you can get paint on and bring an open mind and heart. I do the rest. You also need to bring a sac lunch both days. The workshop is held at my studio in North Portland.

To register for the workshop just email me at and I will add you to the list. Or you can call and ask any questions you may have at 503 734-6516. If you do want to give it as a gift I will make up a gift certificate and email it to you to print out.

Look forward to painting with you. See you next year!!!!!


A Beautiful Mythic Metaphor by Geneen Marie Haugen

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I read this today and had to share it with all of you. This is the most beautiful piece of writing I have read in a long time. I felt my wings unfolding when I read the last line. It truly touched me in the deepest parts of my soul. This is what Intuitive Painting is all about, the journey and unfolding of your own wings. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

The Return
Some day, if you are lucky,
you’ll return from a thunderous journey trailing snake scales, wing fragments and the musk of Earth and moon.
Eyes will examine you for signs
of damage, or change
and you, too, will wonder
if your skin shows traces
of fur, or leaves,
if thrushes have built a nest
of your hair, if Andromeda
burns from your eyes.
Do not be surprised by prickly questions
from those who barely inhabit
their own fleeting lives, who barely taste
their own possibility, who barely dream.
If your hands are empty, treasureless,
if your toes have not grown claws,
if your obedient voice has not
become a wild cry, a howl,
you will reassure them. We warned you,
they might declare, there is nothing else,

no point, no meaning, no mystery at all,

just this frantic waiting to die.

And yet, they tremble, mute,
afraid you’ve returned without sweet
elixir for unspeakable thirst, without
a fluent dance or holy language
to teach them, without a compass
bearing to a forgotten border where
no one crosses without weeping
for the terrible beauty of galaxies
and granite and bone. They tremble,
hoping your lips hold a secret,
that the song your body now sings

will redeem them, yet they fear

your secret is dangerous, shattering,
and once it flies from your astonished
mouth, they-like you-must disintegrate
before unfolding tremulous wings.

-Geneen Marie Haugen