Join me in the studio for an amazing weekend of self discovery and freedom as we let go of judgment and grab hold of paint brushes and take a painting journey deep into our souls. We let go of this world and enter the other as we listen to our bodies wisdom, connect with our authentic parts and create paintings from deep inside our authentic core.

Everyone changes as they open up because they are free to create their own authentic art that is meaningful to them. Sharing this weekend with others lets you witness the power and strength of human creativity and how empowering it is to be authentic when we create art and life.

Anyone can do this no previous art experience required. Creativity is always with you and I provide all the art materials and inspiration you need. All you do is come play with the paint and the process caries you from there. Imagine a weekend with no rules, no judgement, no expectations just seeing, feeling and recognizing what wants to come.

Sign up now by emailing me or leaving a comment on this blog. Details about the weekend are below. I look forward to painting together and sharing this non ordinary experience together.

Thank you for your interest, see you there.

Details for May 28th and 29th INTUITIVE PROCESS PAINTING-Painting From The Authentic Self Workshop
The Workshop runs two full days, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. It is held at my Studio, in Portland, Oregon. All you have to do is wear old comfortable clothes you can get paint on, bring a sack lunch, have an open heart, a curious mind and I will do the rest. Absolutely no experience necessary, you already have everything you need. All inspiration and art materials supplied.

Cost is $160 and includes art supplies and a free copy of my E-Book Intuitive Painting: Art to Empower Your Life. Class is limited to 10 people so everyone has personal attention and lots of time to paint. You can easily pay through Paypal, I can email you and invoice or you can send a check to Carolyn Winkler, 1001 N. Baldwin Street, Portland Or. 97217.

Contact me with questions at


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