Private PSYCH-K® Sessions


I am now offering private PSYCH-K® sessions to help people reprogram and change old beliefs that are holding them back.   PSYCH-K® sessions use your own body/mind connection  to reprogram and change permanently old beliefs no longer working in your life.   Our beliefs create our life and unless we change them our life will not change.  This is a fast, positive way for you to make the changes you want to make and then check  right in the session if it is complete.

What a PSYCH-K® session is like.  First  we talk about what it is you are wanting to change in your life and then we get to a statement that will change the belief.  Then we ask permission of your unconscious by muscle testing, do the balance and then retest to see if it is complete.  It is easy, effective and makes needed changes right on the spot.  What I like most about PSYCH-K® is when it reprograms the belief you want to change it also goes back and reprograms beliefs attached to it so you change several at one time. Often the change is made in just one session.

I am also available for PSYCH-K® sessions using the internet if you have SKYPE.  So if you have a camera on your computer and are linked in with SKYPE we can do a session by just scheduling a time.  If there is an issue you would like to work on contact me and we can set something up.
Below is a testimonial about how it works from one of my current clients.  You can also google PSYCH-K  and find out more.

Client Testimonial
“I love Psych-K because I totally don’t believe in it and it works. Not only does it work really fast, you get to test it.  Your body tells you if it is working and you get to see the results.  You don’t need to understand it or know anything about how it works to get results. Carolyn is an amazing women and the Psych-K sessions are one of my most favorite things I do for myself. “  Havi Brooks.

If this sounds like something that you could use, let me know and we can set up an session either at my studio or on the internet.  I would love to work with you.


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