*INTUITIVE PAINTING*Using Paint for Self-Discovery Weekend Oct 25th-26th

Intuitive Painting allows the freedom to flow and create without rules, without judgment, without comparing yourself to others. There are no mistakes, no right way or wrong way. Through this fun, creative painting process you get into your flow and discover inner wisdom, intuition, self-acceptance and self-confidence. You learn to let go, let be and become. Join us for this powerful weekend of self discovery using paint.

2 Days Saturday and Sunday October 25-26, 10am to 5pm


“What a treat to see how the painting evolved!! I can’t thank you enough for the experience. I feel calmer, happier and much more in touch with my joyful 6 year old self. It was so freeing for me to find that place of pure joy, no expectation, and just play. It was also so instructional for me to feel the energy sink to my feet when I started to develop an agenda/judgment about what I was doing. Honestly, Carolyn, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a looooong time and I look forward to working with you again soon.” Linda Klein, MD

“I have spent most of my adult life trying to build a house for my soul. Through counseling and relationships I had collected the boards, the pipes, the wire, and the nails. But no matter how many times I stacked these materials together the best I could do was build some kind of lean-to. It was a good enough place to weather a storm but nothing like the house I wanted. The Intuitive Painting class I took with Carolyn gave me the stone I needed to build a strong foundation. And the Journaling class gave me the saw and hammer I needed to not only build a house for my soul but a home I am proud to share with the other’s.” Tammy Gaylord

Workshop runs all day Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Cost $185 all materials provided. Includes E=Book required to read before class, “Intuitive Painting- Art To Empower Your Life”
Location: Spirit Mask Studio, North Portland. Limited to 10 participants. To learn more about me and what I do visit my website http://www.spiritmaskjourneys.com
Anyone can do this no experience required.

To register or ask questions email info@spiritmaskjourneys.com
Or Call 503 734-6516

Carolyn Winkler http://www.spiritmaskjourneys.com Creative Ways to Empower Your Life Workshops, Study Groups, E-Books Blog https://artalina.wordpress.com/


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