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New Visual Journaling Support Group for Women for Accessing and Transforming Feelings and Emotions. This is a six week commitment of using Visual Journaling to Access, Release and Transform emotions. Images Express what words cannot. By setting a clear intention, centering in body awareness, using guided visualization and then drawing the images that come, you are able to understand and make changes on all three levels, body, mind and cellular. Our feelings communicate what we need. By accessing this inner wisdom you reduce stress, release anger, resolve conflicts, get in touch with emotions and give voice to your soul. The body always knows and guides you to the place you need to go. Each week you will learn something new.

Week 1- Access and Express Your Emotions

Week 2- Access, Release and transform your Stress-producing emotions.

Week 3- Let your images speak.

Week 4- Overcoming your fears.

Week 5-Resolving your inner conflicts.

Week 6-Visual Journaling as a lifelong practice.

Anyone can do this. You don’t need to know anything about using art materials or how to draw. You just need the desire and courage to explore, and open up the dialogue between your inner and outer worlds. Unlike regular journaling that uses language and the left brain, this is a direct right brain connection to your spirit world.

Group meets weekly on Thursday evenings form 7 to 9, limited size 5 to 10 women. We will start as soon as we have 5. Cost is $35 each weekly session for a total of $210. You will need a few inexpensive supplies. To know more about me and what I do please visit my website or my blog To register for a group or workshop or ask questions email me at



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I would like to start a weekly Intuitive Painting Group at my studio on Tues. evenings from 6:30 to 9:30. Each group will run for 6 weeks and I will provide all the materials. This will give anyone that wants to try this process a chance to and also have the opportunity to paint on a weekly basis and get the benefits of having this unique self healing practice deepen each week. As soon as I have at least 5 people I will start the group. If you are interested please email me at and I will add you to the list. The cost is $255 for the six weeks and all the materials are supplied. All you have to do is come and paint. The limit is 10 people so everyone gets a chance for personal attention and to share with the group. Look forward to hearing from you and painting together on Tuesday nights.


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I am now posting my classes and study groups on my blog. So check here to find out what is being offered each month. Looking forward to this summer and starting up again. Below is the announcement of the next painting workshop at the end of this month.



Come and have a breakthrough intuitive weekend that celebrates your life. Using this free form painting process you discover who you are. One of my former students really put it best, “It was like I was a submarine and this opened up my hatch.”

2 Days Saturday and Sunday July 26-27, 10am to 5pm.

We all learn best by doing and making it our own. My workshops help you be in the inner flow. You actually get to experience the discoveries that you make. Unlike some creative processes that tell you what to do or how to make it better and thinks you need a plan. Breakthrough Intuitive Painting is different, in that it has no rules to follow or plans to make. It lets you find your own way and opens up your heart. These paintings are like paper ships that put you in the flow and you make your own discoveries as you float along. Join me on this journey as we celebrate the life you have now, and the one you’ll soon create.

Testimonial “What a treat to see how the painting evolved!! I can’t thank you enough for the experience. I feel calmer, happier and much more in touch with my joyful 6 year old self. It was so freeing for me to find that place of pure joy, no expectation, and just play. It was also so instructional for me to feel the energy sink to my feet when I started to develop an agenda/judgment about what I was doing. Honestly, Carolyn, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a looooong time (and the best money I have ever spent) and I look forward to working with you again soon.” Linda Klein, MD

Workshop all day Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Includes E-Book required to read before class, “Intuitive Painting- Art To Empower Your Life”

To learn more about me and what I do visit my website Cost is $185 for the weekend all art materials supplied. Includes E-Book required to read before class, “Intuitive Painting – Art To Empower Your Life.”

Location is at Spirit Mask Studio, Portland. Or. If you want to come to Portland from out of town I have lots of suggestions where you might want to stay. I am also available to come to your area and work with your group. The materials are non-toxic and washable so easy to set up. Contact me by email to discuss details.

To register or ask questions email or call 503 734-6516.
To know more about me and what I do please visit my website