PSYCH-K® Discovering and Changing Old Beliefs


Psych-K is a powerful process that works directly on beliefs to change the way we think and feel. By changing our beliefs at their deepest level we are able to change our life from the inside out. When this happens outer events also change to reflect the inner change that have occurred. So if you are ready to make a change Psych-K is a powerful tool for you to use.

We all have old beliefs we downloaded long ago. Some of these beliefs we are aware of and some we are not. It is the hidden ones that often stop us from creating the incredible life we really want to have. Even though we are completely unaware of them they still run our lives. Psych-K is an excellent way to expose these hidden beliefs and change them on the spot. Psych-K engages all three levels of body, mind and spirit as you test for the belief, do the Psych-K adjustment and then retest to see if the change is made.

If you are struggling with something and want to make a change call for a Psych-K session and we can work together to uncover and shift old beliefs getting in your way. I am a certified Psych-K Practitioner living in Portland, Oregon. I was trained by Joan Cameron and look forward to meeting you and helping you on your path. Call to set up an appointment and we can discuss the change you want to make. My phone is 503-734-6516.

Carolyn Winkler

Creative Ways to Empower Your Life From The Inside Out


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